January 2004 - December 2004

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Turks & Caicos Islands - Feb 2004

Kendrick at the beach in TCI

The Big Catch - TCI, Feb 2004

That's a black dodger (or triggerfish) and he was delicious!

Kendrick was determined to catch lunch, and he did.

St. Patrick's Day - 2004

That's David at the Bagel store in Shoreham making the green bagels. He's holding "Flat Ken" who took a trip to NY.

Easter at Gloria's

Gisele, Memere, Louise (back)

Elise, Gloria, Kendrick (front)

Easter at Linda's

David, Lauren, Jonas, Kendrick, Gisele, Alison, Linda

Mother's day at Gloria's

Gisele, Kendrick, Memere

The "aunties"

Gloria & Elise with Kendrick

Karate Demonstration - June 2004

Kendrick testing for his new belt

Wellfleet - Cape Cod - July 2004

Gisele, Michael, Tori at Lecount Hollow Beach

Wellfleet - 2004

Kendrick at Lecount Hollow

At the Breakers Cottage - Wellfleet- July 2004

Nestor, Tori, Michael, Gisele, Gary, Andrea (rear)

Kendrick Sarah

Alison & Jonas - August 2004

Tieing the knot - Shoreham NY

at the wedding..

Gisele, Michael & Kendrick

Half Pipe - Sept. 2004

Hampton NH

North Beach - Hampton NH

Kendrick with the big blue foam board

Fall in New England - October 2004

Apple & pumpkin picking at the Applecrest farm

Ahh, fall in Southern California - Nov 2004

Universal Studios - Hollywood. A chilly 72 degrees


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