Soccer Camp - August 2006

Kendrick was enrolled in Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp here in Nashua NH again this summer. This year we were host family for Coach Tim Shepherd from England. At the end of the week, Coaches Tim, Tom, Derek and Mike visited us at the beach. Here are some photos from the week.

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Coach Tim and Kendrick

A little golf Sunday evening before the camp begins

Fun on the field

more fun on the field

Chillin at the pool

After a week of soccer, Coach Tim and Kendrick chilling at the pool

North Beach, Hampton NH

After the pool. everybody in the water, not a wave to be seen on Saturday

Coaches Tom, Mike, Tim, Derek

at the beach

Looks like trouble...

Kendrick had fun with the guys

Coach Derek would be proud...

Kendrick made a Scottish flag, as his World Cup team was Scotland, from which Coach Derek hails.